MONDAY 3rd August. * IMPORTANT: PLEASE CLICK HERE TO MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE LATEST UPDATES. You may need to use the volume button in the video to unmute the sound. Videos are available for several hours after the live broadcast.

Next broadcast mass via FaceBook Live will appear in this space when available.

Monday 3rd, 9.30am. Special Intention (online only)
Fr. Peyton Centre: Tuesday 4th, 12.00pm. Intentions of the Seniors Group & John Conlon (online only)
Wednesday 5th, 9.30am Ann Moran, Currower (church open but numbers are limited)

A car key was found in new Killeen Cemetery. For more details please contact Fr. John
Friday 7th August Carrowkerribla, Treenoughter (Group G), Saturday 8th August Kilgellia & Fr. Peyton Avenue (Group A), Sunday 9th August Byhalla, Kildermot, Graffey (Group B). Next weekend, Friday 14th August Ballycong, Carracastle, Carradoogan, Breaffy (Group C) Saturday 15th August Curradrish, Mullaghhowney, Cartron (Group D), Sunday 16th August Ardrass, Ballymore, Bonnifinglas, Carrick, Derreen (Group E)As you enter the church you will be met by a steward who will take you to your seat. For the moment you will not be able to automatically go to your usual seat. Please sanatise your hands as you enter the church. 2. The use of face coverings is now strongly recommended. 3. At the end of Mass the stewards will guide you as you leave. Social distance needs to be maintained at all times both inside and outside of the church. 4. Parish Newsletters will be handed out after Mass as people leave the church. Due to the Covid-19 protocols Parish Newsletters will no longer be able to be left at the back of the church after weekend Masses.
Our Parish Church will be open for private prayer as follows: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 10.30am till 6pm. The Church will be closed all day on Friday’s as the Church will have been prepared on Thursday evening for Mass on Friday evenings Saturday and Sunday from 12 noon till 6pm. Due to Civid-19 regulations in regard to sanitising the Church after ceremonies these times will change and the church will be closed up to 3 hours afterwards.